Picture this: It's an early morning at the gym and you're getting ready to start your workout. You reach for the communal chalk bucket, only to find that the largest chunk of chalk left is maybe the size of a penny. Frustrated, you realize that you've always had to settle for less-than-ideal forms of gym chalk. But on this particular day, you couldn't help but wonder: "Isn't there a better way?"

That's exactly how Pushup Chalk was born. We understand the annoyance of trying to find the perfect block of gym chalk, one that's personal, portable, and consistently chunky. We've tried chalk blocks in buckets, bags, and plastic containers, only to have them crumble too easily. We've experimented with chalk powder, but always had to make extra time to clean up after. We've tested liquid chalk, but found it harsh on sensitive skin.

That's why we created Pushup Chalk. We want to deliver the perfect solution for all your gym chalk needs. Our patent pending design houses a chunky gym chalk block in an on-demand dispensable container, so you can always have your preferred form of gym chalk. It's less messy, easy to apply, and provides the grip you need to power through your workout time and time again.

Don't settle for mediocre chalk ever again. Upgrade to Pushup Chalk and experience the difference for yourself.

Anthony Whalen

Founder & CEO