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Pushup Chalk

Pushup Chalk

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Maximize your grip and elevate your performance with our premium, on-demand block gym chalk. Our chalk provides an ultra-dry and non-slip grip, allowing you to lift heavier and push harder than ever before. Plus, the convenient resealable packaging makes it easy to take our gym chalk on the go. Say goodbye to messy, ineffective chalk and hello to the ultimate grip with our gym chalk!
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Customer Reviews

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Must have in gym bag!

Living in the Houston area it’s so humid, and can never keep
My hands dry. Push up chalk is always near by and handy to use, very little to no mess. Easily stored in my gym bag for personal use anywhere I need to train! Definitely a must have in every cross fitters gym bag!

Very convenient!

I love how portable, mess free, and easy to use the push up chalk is! It’s my go to for any training session, that being at home, the gym, or traveling. Very easy to take anywhere, and there’s no chalk mess anymore! I am sure the gym owners are happier!

Best in the business

What can I say, except. This proud it is the best, I never learn home for a training session or comp without it. Customer service is second to none and I’ll recommend push-up chalk to everyone. You won’t be disappointed

Disability Friendly

I reached out to push up chalk to try there products as a one armed adaptive athlete I found it easy to carry and apply. The company sent it overseas just so I could give it a try before I committed to a bigger purchase which I really appreciate. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Annika Pater
Gym bag must!

This is the best idea that’s come into the gym space in awhile. Whether you do CrossFit, power lifting, calisthenics, and everything in between this mess free chalk is the best thing since sliced bread!! Can’t recommend enough!